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Seek unbiased feedback

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Agility through insight and innovation accelerates us towards value

What we do...

We're a values driven, strategic transformation consultancy and we'll bring the voice and passion of customers into the heart of your organisation to help you quickly build a better world.

Our senior consultants use our propietary ai toolset to gather unbiased feedback then use their extensive business experience to build insights and help you understand your customer's journey

Our proven techniques help us collaborate with your teams and develop their innovation capability. Our first piece of work is a jointly developed revised roadmap with evidence to support the changes

We help you and your organisation increase your agility and together we accelerate towards business value

You can read about this in more detail in Peter’s blog called “Why?

A selection from our blog
Business agility: What & why?

It's almost impossible to open a journal or watch a business video without bumping into "agility". But what is business agility and why should you care? In this blog, Peter explores those questions and tries to help everyone get just a bit more agile

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Lessons in life from an ai agent

Does mankind have anything to learn from ai? In this blog, Peter shows how an artificially intelligent agent with a simple task to achieve can help us to think about some of the biggest questions we face in business

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Are values our fair weather friend?

There's nothing unusual about a business claiming that it's driven by values. In reality, sustaining a values driven business is much harder than making the claim. Peter describes his own views on how to build a sustainable, values driven organisation

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Our values driven organisation

We're values driven and believe it's important to crystallise and communicate them in multiple ways. It means we can be held to account when we fail (which we sometimes will). Peter describes the values that he brought to our business

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Five tools for innovation mastery
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Innovation is a core ingredient for succesful transformations but the ability to innovate on demand doesn't come easily to everyone. In this blog, Peter describes five proven techniques to help us all increase our innovation skills

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Our Founders...
Peter Brookes-Smith
  • I conceived ux-insight to bring the voice and passion of clients into the heart of organisations and use it to drive transformational change by building enterprise agility
  • It’s the culmination of a 35 year journey through many roles in many organisations and with many improvement programmes under my belt
  • Most recently, I spent 12 years leading Objectivity Ltd through its own journey from a 30 person software company to become a values driven, award winning, 700 strong, international digital transformation agency
  • Before that I had a series of troubleshooting roles at Volkswagen where I led many divisional and company wide programmes creating value measured in £100s of millions
  • In the last three years, I nurtured my passion for data science and learnt about emerging ai technologies. I challenged myself to find ways of deploying ai to solve problems that challenged me personally. From one of those challenges, ux-insight was born
Kerry Thompson
  • I’ve always been interested in “change” and how we can improve things for ourselves and the people around us. Over many years, I’ve found that I’m more able to change myself when I focus on positive outcomes. It probably won’t be a surprise to hear that I’ve found most people are very similar!
  • I started my career in the world of business intelligence for the Public Sector. I bridged the gap between Data Scientists and users. We designed user friendly visualisations of complex data to extract insights and allow strategic decisions to be made.
  • I started my own consultancy business in 2007 and quickly realised that change for me (and my clients) is so much easier when we nurture our positivity. When we practice thinking and saying “yes if…” and pull ourselves up when a “no because…” starts to form, a whole new world of possibilities opens up.
  • Along the way, I’ve also worked in the private sector with some fantastic clients including: Volvo, Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes and Volkswagen Group.
  • I knew of Peter through the fantastic work he did for Volkswagen, but met him for the first time in late summer 2019 when I was introduced to his most recent ideas for change and innovation. I was hooked! Peter's ideas are beyond innovative. When he asked me to come on board with ux-insight, I jumped at the chance to be part of this new revolution of change.
Our stick people explain...

Although transformation teams try their best to build effective systems, the results don't always give us the benefits we expect or hope for

It can leave our users disenchanted with the transformation process and sometimes the team that created the transformation too

Our consultants use our proprietary ai toolset working with your users and transformation teams to gather unbiased feedback. Then we collaborate to provide a revised roadmap with supporting evidence for change


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